Pitch for michael


This is an end credit piece I wrote for the 48 Hour film, ESPER, which won Best Musical Score in Seattle that year. I could potentially see something like this piece in your film to explore the psychological side of your lead characters predicament.


This is the title credits from an unreleased Australian Horror Film I scored called Bunyip. I could maybe see something like the second half of this for some of the more action sequences in your film (assuming there are any).

The Dregs

This is from an unreleased revenge film (character drama, with some violent elements). I'm including this, as a more ambient approach, that might be appropriate for your film.

Ten Years Later

This is from a short film called Ten Years Later. I could see this approach working for your film, if you wanted a very stylized approach to the musical storytelling. The music is aggressive and bold and draws attention to itself, rather than fitting into the background.