Eric Joins Novel Effect

I have joined Novel Effect as the Director of Audio Content Production. Novel Effect is a startup that creates interactive soundscapes that use speech recognition to sync with you as you read a book aloud. I am in charge of all audio content creation and am thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new entertainment medium, as myself and my team of composers and sound designers work with publishers and authors to score hundreds of beloved children's books that we grew up with.

Eric at SIFF 2014

This year, I scored six short films that are appearing at SIFF.

  1. I scored four animated short films on homelessness, as part of the American Refugees project, for Seattle University and The Gates Foundation.  The films were made by some of Seattle's best directors and animators and I had a modest budget to record some world class live players.  They premiered to a sold out theater on May 19th at 7:00 at the Harvard Exit.  The screening is already sold out, but the films are now online at

  2. I scored Kris and Lindy Boustedt's short film called TEN YEARS LATER, which is screening in the Seattle Supersonic Shorts block on May 25th at 11am.

  3. I scored Douglas Horn's comedy short, T>PE RECORDER, which is screening in the ShortsFest Closing Night block.

  4. Finally, I scored this year's SIFF membership trailer:

Live premier of symphonic piece: The Dragonriders, at Benaroya Hall


On Sunday, March 18th at 2pm at Benaroya Hall, Grammy-winning conductor David Sabee will lead a full symphony orchestra in a performance of Eric Goetz's first symphonic concert work, The Dragonriders, a musical tribute to the late Anne McCaffrey and her celebrated science fiction series, The Dragonriders of Pern. The afternoon is a full concert of music of new composers in the Seattle area. More information and tickets are available at the Symphonic Stories website.


Eric's Music at CES and SXSW

Interactive agency Experience Ken, commished composer Eric Goetz to write four pieces of interactive music for headphone and microphone manufactorer Sennheiser. The music was the center-piece of an interactive tabletop music featuring Sennheiser's high end headphones. The exhibit will be found at the Sennheiser booth at various industry trade shows, including the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and the acclaimed music and film festival South By Southwest.


3 awards at Park City Film Music Festival

Park City Laurel Photo Booth.png

Composer Eric Goetz won three awards at the 2011 Park City Film Music Festival, including Gold Medal for Excellence in Original Music in a Short Film for the film Thomas Beale Cipher, Gold Medal for Excellence in Original Music for a Short Film for the film Photo Booth, and Silver Medal for Excellence in Music for a Short film for the film Connect To.

Spring Festival Screenings

Films scored by Eric Goetz are having a good festival run, this year. Photo Booth will screen at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Park City Film Music Festival. Connect To will screen at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Dances with Films, the Park City Film Music Festival and the Mosaic LA Film Festival. The Thomas Beale Cipher will screen at the Park City Film Music Film Festival and Rose City Film Festival. Congratulations to the cast and crews

Black Coffee World Premier at SIFF

Black Coffee will premier at Seattle International Film Festival on Memorial Day, 4-6pm, at the Egyptian Theatre. This noir short film, shot on Super 16 black and white was made as part of SIFF's invite-only Fly Film challenge and features a Bernard Herrmann-inspired score by Eric Goetz.