Thank you for considering me to score the Crazywise documentary film. I am an award-winning composer with over fifty credits. I'm including several examples of my relevant past work, below, but feel free to explore the rest of my website and check out my IMDB page to learn more.

First off, I'll start off with my favorite piece of music I've written for a documentary film: Fast Food, from the animated short film, The Beast Inside, directed by Amy Enser and animated by Drew Christie. Note how the tone of the music supports the personality of the interview subject and the emotional tone he conveys. I'm also proud of this piece, because it incorporates diegetic sound design elements like the deep fryer timer and footsteps into the musical score.

Next is a piece from the animated stop motion documentary short, Super Dads. Note how my music transitions from emotion to emotion and genre to genre, in order to support the story.

Here is a short segment from a reality TV pilot I scored. The director wanted a subtle influence of the music of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest, so I included a frame drum at one point.

Finally, here is a more emotional piece that wears it's heart on it's sleeve, from the feature documentary Beyond Greenaway.