Thanks for considering me to score your short film project.  I am an award-winning composer with over 50 film and game credits.  I am a huge fan of the work you are basing this film off of and I would love to be involved.

First off, the opening two minutes of Ten Years Later, features an aggressive cue I wrote, in the style of Trent Reznor.

Here is a concert music piece, I wrote, based on Anne McCaffrey's Pern books that I grew up reading.  The piece is somewhat similar in style to the Lord of the Rings score and features a world-class orchestra

I wrote the following two pieces for a documentary film.  I wrote these pieces about 6 years ago, so my production chops have come a long way since then.  Nevertheless, I'm including them because they are downtempo, somewhat similar to the 90's trip hop references I saw in the project brief.  

I'm including this last cue for no particular reason, other than it's unique and I recently wrote it and like it.